Community Events Stream

The Community Events Stream supports organizations that host events that increase community profile and promote economic development in Northern Ontario.

Who is Eligible?

Municipalities, Indigenous communities, not-for-profit organizations, and Local Services Boards located in Northern Ontario.

What Projects are Eligible?

  • New and recurring in-person or virtual community-based and/or tourism events that attract tourists
  • Annual and/or recurring events that include new programming or activities and are anticipated to improve the quality and/or sustainability of the event, such as:
    • Increased attendance
    • Increased tourism expenditure (additional overnight stays, more local spending)
    • Raising the event profile/quality
    • Promoting sustainability of future events
    • Other enhancements, as deemed eligible by NOHFC

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Level of investment from other sources
  • Anticipated attendance numbers
  • Level of tourism expenditures
  • Likelihood of NOHFC funding improving the quality of the event
  • Likelihood of NOHFC funding contributing to the sustainability of the event
  • Economic impact at a municipal, regional or provincial level
  • The impact of possible NOHFC funding on the viability and scope of a proposed event


  • Funding is in the form of a conditional contribution of up to 30% of total eligible costs to a maximum of $15,000.
  • If requested and at NOHFC’s discretion, 50% of approved funding can be made available upon execution of the conditional contribution agreement, and the remainder provided after the applicant has submitted the required final event report to NOHFC. Otherwise, full payment can be claimed in one claim after the applicant has provided the required final event report to NOHFC.
  • The NOHFC Board of Directors may consider projects exceeding the levels of funding noted above on a case-by-case basis where a project demonstrates a significant economic benefit.
  • The amount of funding for each project is determined by the NOHFC Board of Directors, and limited funding is available. Not all projects meeting the criteria will necessarily receive funding.

What is Not Eligible?

  • On-going operational costs of an organization
  • Event costs of participant travel, alcohol, awards or gifts
  • Annual General or Business meetings
  • Private sector events and projects led by the federal or provincial governments
  • Projects that do not generate economic benefits to Northern Ontario
  • Events that have already occurred

The NOHFC Board of Directors may consider exceptions to these eligibility criteria for projects that address a priority economic need in Northern Ontario.

Program Requirements

  • Applications must be submitted a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Applications will not be considered for funding events that have already occurred.
  • The applicant may be required to reimburse NOHFC if assets financed by NOHFC are sold within the first three years after project completion.

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Q. Can I apply for operational funding as an eligible cost category?


A. Yes, operational costs that are directly incurred in delivering the event are eligible. Ongoing operational costs unrelated to the event are not eligible.

Q. Can I request capital funding for my event?


A. Yes. Capital purchases of equipment and assets are eligible under the program.

Q. Are in-kind costs eligible for reimbursement under the Community Event Stream?


A. No. NOHFC allows in-kind costs as part of the project for the purpose of determining total project cost. However, these costs are considered ineligible and shown as an ineligible cost for reimbursement.

Q. Will I be required to submit a proposal and supporting documentation?


A. No, a detailed proposal is not required. A project officer may request additional information when clarification is required for the project evaluation report.

Q. How far in advance of my event do I have to submit an application?


A. NOHFC requires at least 16 weeks to ensure a project can be approved prior to the event. Applications will not be considered for events that have already occurred.

Q. My event isn’t tourism-based. Is it still eligible?


A. NOHFC will consider applications for events that increases the community profile and promotes economic development in Northern Ontario.