New standard of care in the ICU

New standard of care in the ICU

Sudbury-based FloSonics Medical is developing non-invasive sensors that help physicians, nurses and paramedics improve the care of critically ill patients.

Flosonics’ flagship product, the FloPATCH, is “a single-use ultrasound bandage that provides real-time data on the changes in blood flow,” says Andrew Eibl, Flosonics’ director of operations and cofounder. “It’s the first of its kind.”

For example, before performing CPR a clinician can place the FloPATCH, which is the size of a business card and adhesive, to a patient’s neck. Following chest compressions, the blood will flow from the patient’s heart to their brain. As the blood passes the FloPATCH sensor, the bandage will light up providing visual and audio feedback on the effectiveness of the compressions.

Concept to prototype

The idea behind FloPATCH came from his brother’s former university roommate, who’s an intensive care physician, Eibl says. Working with Dr. Jon-Emile Kenny, FloSonics chief medical officer, the Eibl brothers developed a sensor that measures changes in blood flow, eliminating the need for expensive equipment or extensive training.

Although FloSonics was founded in 2015, it wasn’t until late 2017 that the company gained momentum. Much of that had to do with the early support from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), which helped move the concept to a prototype.

“NOHFC was one of the first funders that allowed us to explore and develop the idea. Their support was paramount to our success, in the way it allowed us to attract private investment,” Eibl says. “Other people were more willing to invest to help the idea because we had support from a funder.”

Making a difference

Eibl, who previously worked in administration, says being a part of a medical device startup has been incredible. “You meet a lot of interesting people who are doing a lot of amazing things. And seeing the people around you doing great things motivates you to do the same.”

Although his experience has given him many exciting opportunities, including participating in a global competition for entrepreneurs, Eibl says he’s the most excited about making a difference in the healthcare system.

“One of the biggest things about our technology is it has huge potential to improve patient outcomes and to save the healthcare system lots of money.”

FloSonics is working on further advancing the FloPATCH prototype.

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