Ontario’s economic future points North!

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) wants to partner with business-minded Northerners to develop innovative technologies, invest in infrastructure, bolster collaboration and build economic development capacity. By supporting your business vision, we can strengthen the North’s competitive advantage. The NOHFC offers six programs: the Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program, the Northern Community Capacity Building Program, the Northern Innovation Program, the Northern Business Opportunity Program, the Northern Event Partnership Program and the Northern Ontario Internship Program. You can read through the program descriptions to determine which program best supports your business vision.

Our Programs

Northern Business Opportunity Program

The Northern Business Opportunity Program supports economic development in Northern Ontario by encouraging productivity, expansion, and global investment in northern communities.

Program Streams

Northern Innovation Program

The Northern Innovation Program supports the development and commercialization of new technologies that will contribute to future prosperity in Northern Ontario, and by fostering collaboration and partnerships among the private sector, academic institutions and research institutes.

Program Streams

Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program

The Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program supports infrastructure projects in Northern Ontario to help create jobs and build capacity in our northern communities.

Northern Community Capacity Building Program

The Community Capacity-Building Program helps northern communities develop the capacity to promote, attract, and support economic growth in existing and emerging priority economic sectors.

Northern Event Partnership Program

The NOHFC will consider partnering with organizations that are staging events that promote economic development in Northern Ontario. Applications must demonstrate that the event will facilitate job creation and retention, investment attraction, tourism and/or research and development/innovation conducive to productivity improvement within an existing and emerging priority economic sector.

Northern Ontario Internship Program

The intent of the Northern Ontario Internship Program is to strengthen Northern Ontario’s competitive advantage and build economic development capacity by attracting and retaining graduates in the North. The program provides recent graduates who are interested in launching and building their careers in Northern Ontario access to internships.