Northern Event Partnership Program

The NOHFC will consider partnering with organizations that are staging events that promote economic development in Northern Ontario. Applications must demonstrate that the event will facilitate job creation and retention, investment attraction, tourism and/or research and development/innovation conducive to productivity improvement within an existing and emerging priority economic sector.

Who is Eligible?

Municipalities, First Nations, local service boards (for projects related to their approved powers) and not-for-profit organizations including educational institutions, either involved in economic development or representing an eligible sector, may apply individually.

Eligible applicants may include partnerships and alliances of municipalities, private sector businesses and organizations, educational institutions, the federal government, and other government-related agencies.

What is Eligible?

Eligible event partnerships could include, but are not limited to:

  • Events with a core purpose related to economic development, tourism, job creation and retention, and/or capacity-building.
  • Annual and/or recurring events that present a new enhancement through changes in programming and activities that lead to improved quality and/or sustainability of the event, such as:
    • Increased participant numbers
    • Increased tourism expenditure (additional overnight stays, more local spending)
    • Raising the event profile/quality
    • Promoting sustainability of future events
    • Other enhancements, as deemed eligible by the NOHFC

What is Not Eligible?

  • Travel for event participants
  • Alcohol
  • Awards or gifts
  • Ongoing operational costs such as wages and administration

Private sector events and projects led by the federal or provincial governments


  • Applications must be submitted a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the event date. Events will not be funded after they have occurred.
  • Preference is given to:
    • priority projects identified by existing community plans or regional plans or initiatives.
    • priority projects that align with existing and emerging priority economic sectors.
    • attracting new tourism events that generate significant economic impacts for the community and region.
    • to priority projects that demonstrate a high level of financial leverage and that provide opportunities for investment from other partners.
  • The impact of possible NOHFC funding on the viability and scope of a proposed event must be clearly identified.
  • Event Partnership projects will be required to submit a post-event final report that includes (if applicable): final agenda for the event, number of actual attendees versus forecast, attendee evaluations of the event, a comparison of projected results versus actual, and anticipated long-term impacts and learning outcomes.


  • Funding assistance will be in the form of a conditional contribution.
  • The amount of NOHFC assistance will generally not exceed the lesser of 30% of eligible costs to a maximum of $15,000.
  • If requested, 50% of funding is available upon execution of the legal agreement, and the remainder provided after the final event report has been received. Otherwise, full payment can be claimed in one claim after the final report has been submitted.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the board may consider projects exceeding the normal levels of assistance on a case-by-case basis where a project demonstrates a significant economic benefit.

Not all projects meeting the program criteria outlined above will receive funding.

Applications will be accepted under this program until March 31, 2019. This is subject to change without any prior notice.