Our Commitment

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation welcomes feedback. NOHFC offers multiple platforms for you to share feedback related to its services, staff or policies and is committed to respond and deliver resolutions promptly.

You can submit feedback from any of the following channels:

Our Commitment

NOHFC is committed to:

  • recognizing a client’s right to make complaints, comments or suggestions about the standard and quality of services and programs provided
  • providing an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for resolving complaints
  • ensuring that all feedback is heard and equitably resolved as soon as possible
  • monitoring feedback to improve the quality of services
  • providing clients with information and platforms to offer feedback
  • providing assistance to individuals who may be disadvantaged in any way and require additional assistance i.e. regional or remote location, and language or other accessibility considerations.

What to expect when feedback is provided:

  • acknowledge receipt of the feedback within the timelines outlined in the Ontario Public Service common service standards. Clients will be responded to via the client’s preferred method of contact;
  • where feedback is not fully understood, NOHFC will contact the client to ensure a full understanding of the issue and gather any additional relevant information;
  • aim to respond to, and resolve the issue within:
    • 5 business days for minor issues (for minor issues, informal resolutions will be proposed by the NOHFC.)
  • up to 15 business days for more complex issues; and
  • where timeframes cannot be met the client will be contacted to negotiate a revised response date and be provided reasons for the delay.
  • For minor issues, informal resolutions will be proposed by the NOHFC.

In the event you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may seek an internal review.

Anonymous feedback will be accepted and assessed. However, these may be difficult to investigate or result in NOHFC requesting additional information.

Spam, trivial or previously resolved issues will not be pursued.

Common Questions and Answers

I’m disappointed or don’t understand why my project was declined and would like to know what options are available to me.


Projects that are declined or considered ineligible will receive written communication from the NOHFC outlining the reasons for the decision. Should you have questions or concerns regarding that decision, please contact your local Regional Economic Development Branch (REDB) to discuss options.

I would like to provide feedback regarding a staff member assigned to my project.


Feedback can be submitted through out online contact form. Alternatively, you can contact NOHFC by phone or e-mail and request to speak to a manager regarding your feedback.

The evaluation of my project was completed but I haven’t received a communication from NOHFC if my project was approved.


The best source of information for your project is the Project Officer assigned to your file. If you are unsure who your project officer is, please contact the Regional Economic Development Branch nearest you and a staff member will direct you to your project officer.

Additional Resources

Ontario Public Service Policies and Procedures

Notice of collection of personal information

The personal information you provide will only be used to respond to your inquiry. We will not put your name on a mailing list and will not disclose your information to any third party except as provided by law. This information is collected pursuant to subsection 38 (2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.