Our Team

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

The NOHFC maintains staff to manage the day-to-day operations and financial affairs of the NOHFC in accordance with Ontario government directives, guidelines and policies, the NOHFC’s mandate and approved business plan. Staff are located in offices in Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Terrace Bay and Sudbury.

The NOHFC is led by an Executive Director who works under the direction of the Board of Directors to implement policies and operational decisions.

Under the Executive Director is an assistant director, a manager of programs and a manager of financial services. A business planning function reports to the Executive Director. Information management and financial consultancy roles report to the assistant director. Program coordinators oversee each of the six NOHFC Programs.

Visit the Contact Us page for a complete listing of staff and their contact information.

Regional Economic Development Branch

The Regional Economic Development Branch (REDB) works with northern communities, businesses and other stakeholders to identify economic development opportunities and to access government funding programs.

REDB provides due diligence services to evaluate Conditional Contribution applications and monitor Conditional Contributions made by the NOHFC to Northern Ontario public sector organizations. REDB provides due diligence services for the following NOHFC programs:

In addition to due diligence services, REDB provides assistance to all clients during the application process. For questions or assistance with your online application, please visit the contact us page to find the REDB Area Team closest to you.


MNP LLP is a leading national accounting, tax, and business consulting firm in Canada.

MNP provide due diligence evaluation services for the following NOHFC programs:

Collection and Enforcement services are provided by MNP for all NOHFC programs.

Applications to the NOHFC that have been deemed eligible will be assigned to a Project Officer from MNP who will work jointly with the client to fully evaluate the proposed project. Contact information for your project officer will be provided to applicants once your application has moved to the evaluation phase.