Ontario Creating Internship Opportunities in Thunder Bay

Posted on April 28, 2023

THUNDER BAY – The Ontario government is providing more than $5.7 million through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) for 179 job placement opportunities in Thunder Bay. This investment will help businesses expand operations and develop Northern Ontario’s workforce.

“Our government is helping businesses harness local talent in Thunder Bay, with targeted investments that create more opportinuties for Northerners to gain essential skills and build meaningful careers,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Northern Development. “Together with our northern partners, we are creating highly skilled, good-paying jobs that will boost economic growth and prosperity in the North.”

Internship projects receiving NOHFC funding include:

  • $127,191 for TBT Engineering Ltd. to hire four Engineers in Training to provide engineering, technical, and administrative direction on projects, liaise with stakeholders and prepare engineering documents, work schedules, detailed cost estimates and assessments
  • $47,840 for Eco Carbon Foam Inc.to hire two Extruder Operators to operate extruder equipment, including start-up, adding mixture and troubleshooting
  • $39,244 for Blueprints Music and Audio to hire an Audio Engineer to assist with music recording, mixing and live sound production projects in the music and film industry, along with digital marketing and creating a database of voice talent in the region including Indigenous elders and language keepers
  • $35,000 for Canada Malting Company Ltd. to hire a Maltster Trainee to operate and maintain the malthouse, adjust processes to respond to changes in barley quality and environment conditions to achieve malt specifications and provide leadership to plant operations
  • $35,000 for the Township of Conmee to hire a Deputy Clerk–Treasurer Intern for administrative and financial support, including bank reconciliations, managing records and maintaining the asset management plan

“I am pleased that our government is investing in businesses in Thunder Bay–Atikokan by providing funding for them to hire additional workers under the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation,” said MPP Kevin Holland. “This funding will help to address the shortage of skilled workers in the North and will ensure our local businesses’ continued viability, growth and success.”

The Ontario government is supporting local internships through the NOHFC’s People and Talent Program. The program supports a wide variety of internships, including skilled trades, and addresses the unique needs of other in-demand jobs. Program candidates include new entrants into the workforce, those transitioning to a new career, the unemployed and underemployed.

“We are proud to support projects that provide on-the-job career development opportunities while addressing local skilled labour shortages in the Northwest,” said Minister Rickford.

The NOHFC promotes economic prosperity across Northern Ontario by providing financial assistance to projects—big and small, rural and urban—that stimulate growth, job creation and skills development. Since June 2018, the NOHFC has invested more than $639 million in 5,265 projects in Northern Ontario, leveraging more than $2 billion in investment and creating or sustaining over 8,420 jobs.

Quick Facts

  • The Ontario government launched new and improved NOHFC programs that support more projects in rural northern communities and make it easier for more people and businesses to apply. The programs target existing and emerging markets, provide more work opportunities for Indigenous people and address the skilled labour shortage in the North.
  • A list of all 180 Thunder Bay NOHFC internship program funding recipients is available on the corporation’s website.


“NOHFC funding allows the Township of Conmee the opportunity to create employment. As a smaller municipality, we normally cannot offer an internship position because of the costs involved. Municipal government is a challenging but rewarding opportunity for any individual who wants to work in this field.” – Sheila Maxwell, Mayor, Township of Conmee

“Support from the NOHFC's Indigenous Workforce Program has been crucial for the development of my business, as I was able to hire an Audio Engineer to assist with projects at a highly professional level and help optimize operations to prepare for the opening of our new facility.” – Jean-Paul De Roover, Owner, Blueprints Music and Audio

“The Ontario government has played a big role in making Eco Carbon Foam happen. With the assistance of the NOHFC, we have successfully ramped up production here in Thunder Bay. We highly appreciate the support from the province with helping us put our company on the map.” Elena Rogalski – Manager, Eco Carbon Foam Inc.

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