Northern Community Capacity Building Program - Event Partnership

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The Community Capacity-Building Program helps northern communities to develop the capacity to promote, attract, and support economic growth in the existing and emerging priority economic sectors identified in the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario.

Capacity-building allows northern communities to respond to their economic opportunities and challenges according to their individual priorities, and to pursue regional collaboration to advance common goals in order to strengthen Northern Ontario’s competitive advantages. 

The NOHFC will consider partnering with organizations that are staging events that promote economic development in Northern Ontario. Applications must demonstrate that the event will facilitate: job creation and retention, investment attraction, tourism and/or research and development / innovation conducive to productivity improvement within an eligible sector.

Eligible event partnerships could include, but are not limited to:

  • Events with a core purpose related to economic development, tourism, job creation and retention, and/or capacity-building and that align with the Growth Plan.


Event Partnership projects will be required to submit a post-event report that includes: final agenda, number of actual attendees versus forecast, attendee evaluations of the event, learning outcomes, a comparison of projected results versus actual, and anticipated long-term impacts.


  • Preference is given to priority projects identified by existing community plans or regional plans or initiatives.
  • Preference is given to priority projects that align with existing and emerging priority economic sectors as identified in the Growth Plan.
  • Preference is given to attracting new major tourism events that generate significant economic impacts for the community and region.
  • Preference is given to priority projects that demonstrate a high level of financial leverage and that provide opportunities for investment from other partners.
  • The impact of possible NOHFC funding on the viability and scope of a proposed event must be clearly identified.
  • Funding assistance will be in the form of a conditional contribution.
  • The amount of NOHFC assistance will generally not exceed the lesser of 30 per cent of eligible costs or up to $100,000 for major tourism event capital costs that support the event.
  • The amount of NOHFC assistance will generally not exceed the lesser of 30 per cent of eligible costs or $15,000 for event partnership projects.
  • 50% of funding is available upon approval of the application, if requested, and the remainder provided after the final event report has been received. Otherwise, full payment can be claimed in one claim after the final report has been submitted.
  • The funding is not intended to support annual events on an on-going basis. Subsequent funding will be based on new or innovative incremental enhancements to the event.

Not all projects meeting the program criteria outlined above will receive funding. Applications will be accepted under this program until March 31, 2019. This is subject to change without any prior notice.

How to Apply

Send completed application forms to:

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
70 Foster Drive, Suite 200
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6A 6V8
fax: 1-705-945-6701

For more information call our toll free line 1-800-461-8329.