Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the NOHFC change Service Providers?

Service provider contracts are for 5-year terms and the previous Service Provider had been nearing the end of their 5-year term. The Service Provider contract was posted in 2016, allowing interested parties to submit proposals / bids for this work. The NOHFC followed a fair and transparent selection process, and it was determined that a new Service Provider had won the competition to provide due diligence services to the NOHFC.

Which NOHFC programs are affected by this change?

The change in Service Provider affects the following NOHFC private sector programs:

Northern Business Opportunity Programs

  • Business Expansion Projects
  • Small Business Start-up Projects
  • New Investment Projects
  • Film and Television Projects

Northern Innovation Programs

  • Opportunity Assessment Projects
  • Applied Research and Technology Development Projects
  • Pilot Demonstration and Commercialization Projects

Enterprises North Job Creation Program

Private Sector Emerging Technology Program

Will the change in Service Provider affect public sector applicants?


What does the change mean to me and my project/application?

The NOHFC, in conjunction with the Service Provider, is working to ensure no interruptions or delays occur in processing applications, payment claims, or any other services.

Will my application to the NOHFC be delayed in the decision making process?


Will the processing of my payment claims be delayed?


Will processing times be impacted with the start of a new Service Provider?


Will there be any delays in receiving letters of offer and legal agreements for approved projects during transition?


If I have submitted information to the previous Service Provider with respect to my legal agreement or disbursement request, will this information be transferred to the new service provider?

Yes. We expect no delays or interruptions as a result of transition.

How will I know who my contact is with the new Service Provider?

The NOHFC will be sending a notification to the point of contact within your organization. The notification will include contact information for your point of contact with the new Service Provider.

  • If you have changed your banking information, e-mail address, or contact information, or for questions specific to the status of your letter of offer, legal agreement, or disbursement request contact the Financial Officer assigned to your project at the NOHFC. Alternately, you may call 1-800-461-8329 and you will be directed accordingly.
  • If you have questions regarding your loan balance or require an amortization schedule, please direct them to the contact assigned to you in the notification you receive from the NOHFC. The notification will include contact information for your assigned contact with the new Service Provider.

How will the NOHFC ensure my personal and business information will be kept confidential?

The NOHFC is bound by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and as an extension, so is our past and present Service Provider. All information provided to the previous Service Provider is securely maintained and will be transferred to the new Service Provider in a secure and confidential process. All electronic information is also housed on secure systems behind various security firewalls. This information will remain secure as we transition to the new Service Provider.

For any other questions you may have, please call 1-800-461-8329 and you will be directed accordingly.